You think you know everything about football? Then prove it by answering these 20 daunting questions!

Here it is, the ultimate quiz for football statistics nerds. Based on over 1’000 matches played in Switzerland, the following 20 questions will show how much you really know about the numbers in football.

Take a deep breath, because things are going to be tough. This is no ordinary quiz – you have to channel your inner football nerd to have any chance to even remotely get a good score.

The rules are simple. We analyzed over 1’000 football matches in Switzerland from the two highest leagues (Super League and Challenge League) in the last three seasons (2016-2019). Based on those stats, we came up with 20 questions where you have to guess a number. That’s right, no multiple choice – that would be way too easy, wouldn’t it?

The closer you get to the right number, the more points you will score. For every question, you can score up to 5 points, so the maximum score of the quiz is 100.

Are you ready? Then let’s do this! And don’t forget to post your result in the comments or on social media.

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