This teams are the draw magnets in Swiss football

An analysis of over 1’500 Super League matches shows which teams are most and least likely to be involved in a draw.

There were a lot of draws recently in Swiss Football. In the first 8 rounds, an astounishing 44 % of all Super League matches ended in a draw, as our friends of OptaFranz found out:

This is highly unusual. On average in the last 10 seasons, only roughly every fourth game ended in a tie (24,55 %).

We looked at the data since season 11/12 and found out which teams are most likely to be involved in a match without a winner:

FC Vaduz is the biggest draw magnet in Swiss football with almost 32 % of draws overall. 4 of 10 games at home end in a draw – an unusually high number. Since they recently got promoted into Super League, this maybe explains the flood of draws we are witnessing right now.

FC Lugano (29,7 %) and Neuchâtel Xamax FCS (29,2 %) also are unusually likely to be involved in a tie. A rather curious case is FC Aarau, with the lowest draw percentage at home (14,3 %) and the highest draw percentage away (33,3 %).

If you are witnessing a match with FC Lausanne-Sport, you are most likely to see a winner at the end. Also not prone to share their points are FC St. Gallen 1879 (20,8 %), FC Sion (22,8 %) and BSC Young Boys (23 %). Although with YB away, still 3 of 10 matches end with a draw.

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