Wanted: The Best Swiss Football Club Logo

Which Swiss Football Club has the best logo? Time to answer this question once and for all with a public voting. Nominate your club now!

The Rules

The contest is simple: First, everybody gets the chance to nominate their favorite logo on Twitter. Deadline is the 28th of December. Once the contenders are found, there will be a public voting, also on Twitter. In each knockout round, two logos are paired, and the more popular progresses one round. In the end, one glorious winner will remain.

The Contenders

The following 128 clubs will take part in the contest. The draw for the first round will be published here and on Twitter on 26th December. Stay tuned!

Battles Round 1

Here is the draw for the first round with 128 teams. The voting will start on Twitter at December 26th. For each tie, the logo with more votes after 24 hours progresses one round.

Survivors of Round 1

Battles Round 2

Survivors Round 2

Battles Round 3

Survivors Round 3

Battles Round of 16

Survivors Round of 16

Battles Quarter Finals

Survivors Quarter Finals

Battles Semi Finals

The Finalists

The Winner: Servette FC

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