Football Fan Cup 2022

Who will win the most important football tournament in the world? You decide!

How does it work?

For every match, there will be a public voting on Twitter that runs for 90 minutes. The result of the voting determines the final outcome of the match. The goals will be distributed as follows:

Amount of votesGoals

If a match in the knockout stages ends with a draw, there will be a penalty shootout. A one minute vote on Twitter decides for each attempt if it’s in or a miss.

Who takes part?

In a total coincidence, all teams from the World Cup did qualify for the Football Fan Cup 2022. However, the following teams got disqualified and replaced:

Disqualified: Qatar
Reason: Bribing, Human Rights Violations
Replacement: Italy

Disqualified: Iran
Reason: Human Rights Violations
Replacement: Ukraine

But what about the money?

No money involved. Everybody is welcome to participate, except if you are named Gianni Infantino and are head of a big sports government (which shall not be named). If you like to support us, you can do so via Patreon.

Voting Schedule and Results

Current Standings

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