Super League Season Predictor

Who is going to win Super League? Which Teams will qualify for Europe? And who has to fight against relegation? Predict the rest of the season 22/23 now with our app and check out when you may can celebrate – or have to hide in a cave.

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About the Super League Season Predictor

The App starts with the current Super League standings and let the user predict the rest of the season. For each game, the fan can predict a home win, a draw or an away win. After each round, the app calculates the remaining candidates for the following end results:

– Championship (CL Playoff next season)
– 2nd Place (Chance to play CL next season)
– 3rd to 5th Place (which most likely means a qualification for Europe)
– 10th place (which means the team has to play a Barrage against the 3rd of Challenge League)

Goal difference is not evaluated. Which means if several teams end up with the same amount of points, the ranking is made randomly.

There are some easter eggs hidden in the app, depending on the outcome of the season.

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