It’s all about FC Basel: The most valuable teams in Swiss Football since 2000

FC Basel has dominated Swiss football for years. The development of market values in Swiss Football shows how huge the gap between Basel and the rest once was – and how YB is the new money powerhouse now.

The animated chart shows the top ten market values of Swiss football tems since 2000 (Source:

Thanks to million earning from Champions League and a lot of smart transfers, FC Basel dominated swiss football not only on the pitch, but also money-wise. At times, the market value of the FC Basel squad was twice as high as the second most valuable team.

Recently, tables have turned, though. With two championships, a Champions League participation and a lot of smart transfers, YB could not only close the gab, but overtake mighty FC Basel.

Can the club from Berne widen the gap, or is FC Basel able to catch up again? The future battle of those two powerhouses in Swiss Football is going to be exciting.

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