Hire and fire: the insanely short lifespan of football coaches in Switzerland

To call being a football coach risky would be the understatement of the century. As a coach, you are almost garanteed to be fired rather sooner than later. Especially in Switzerland.

This animated chart shows the lifespan of every Super League coach in Switzerland since 2010. You really are a lucky guy if you make it to the two year mark… most coaches are gone within a year. The teams sure like to start over again… and again… and again.

There are some exceptions, though. Jeff Saibene managed to stay at FC St. Gallen for more than three Years – a really extraordinary achievement.

Also, respect to Markus Babbel, who survived at FC Luzern more than three years. Everybody who knows the erratic nature of the club and its owners can only respect Babble for his endurance.

Oh, and don’t worry to much if you can’t make out all the coaches of FC Sion. Only speed reading would allow it.

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