Good old times: How GC became record champion in Switzerland

Looking at the current desastrous state of Grasshopper Club Zürich, one could easily forget that GC is still the most successfull club in Swiss Football. Their glorious past makes the brutal downfall even more astonishing.

27 times GC finished on top of the highest Swiss football league. So even though FC Basel dominated Swiss football in the last years, the once so proud club from Zurich is still record champion by a clear margin.

FC Basel managed to win 20 titles so far. They are still trailing GC by seven titles, although they could close the gap considerably in the last years, as the animated chart shows. Since 2001, they won a whopping 12 championships. Optimistic FCB fans already dreamed about overtaking GC rather sooner than later, but with the surge of YB that task looks way more difficult to pull off now.

Also already a lot of titles under its belt has Servette. The club from Geneva was mainly very successfull in the earlier stages of Swiss football. The last title dates back to 1999.

It certainly does not look like GC can add a title to their impressive resume anytime soon, since they got relegated this season. But at least they can take comfort in the fact that they will most likely stay record champion for quite some time ahead.

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