Pure insanity captured in one chart: The doomed coaches of FC Sion

Club owner Christian Constantin from FC Sion is famous for his very short temper, especially concerning football coaches. The victim list of the erratic “Zampano” from Valais is long. Very long.

Its hard to imagine a more difficult job than being a coach of the football club FC Sion. The extreme hire and fire policy of the Valais club has often made headlines around the world.

Alone in the last nine years, there were 22 (!) different coaches hired by FC Sion. The only one who almost made it two years is Didier Tholot – a truly heroic effort.

This animated chart makes the crazyness of being a Sion coach transparent. Attention: The chart is maybe dangerous for people with epilepsy. And if your pulse somehow matches the rhythm of the chart, you should visit a doctor.

So settle up and enjoy the ride:

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