Basel anyone? How YB became the new football hotspot of Switzerland

Ever since 2002, FC Basel was always the largest crowd magnet in Swiss football. But in season 18/19, the unthinkable happend: YB had a higher crowd average than FC Basel.

This animated chart shows the average crowd of FC Basel and YB since 2001. Ever since Basel got their new stadium in 2001, they were the clear leader with crowd attendance.

YB came once already close in 2009, but then it went downhill again for the club from Berne, who was prone to much suffering in the past. Missing title after title in somtimes brutal ways, the fans endurance was tested again and again.

But finally, tables have turned. Last season, the Young Boys won their first title in 32 (!) years. Ever since that magic night against FC Luzern, nothing is the same in Berne. The club is the new powerhose in Swiss Fooball, defending the championship with ease this season by breaking some records thought almost untouchable.

This season BSC Young Boys drew an average crowd of 25’751 fans. FC Basel, on the other hand, only reached an average of 24’259. Will this trend continue or can FC Basel catch up again? Currently, it looks like YB is here to stay on top – and the fans in Berne loving every second of it.

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