Club Owner Game

2 Billion Euro. 96 Football Clubs. Which ones will you buy? Play now and win big!

What is the goal?

You have 2’000 Million Euro at your disposal to buy 10 football clubs. Available are all clubs that qualified for Champions League, Europa League or Conference League group stage. The player whose owned clubs score the most UEFA Club Points during season 2023/24 wins the game.

Where can I pick my clubs?

You can pick your 10 football clubs here. Below you can see the participants of the game so far:

What are UEFA Club Points?

UEFA Club Points are getting awarded to each club based on their performance internationally (match points). For a win, a club gets 2 points and for a draw 1 point.

There are also bonus points, depending on how far the club can go in the competition. In Champions League, a club already starts with 4 bonus points for reaching the group stage. Points from the Qualification Rounds will not be added to the overall score.

Here is the overview of the bonus points (red) and the maximum match points (source:

How is the value of a club estimated?

The values of the clubs are based on their overall market value estimated by
Champions League
Europa League
Conference League

So which clubs shall I buy?

Here is the last season's ranking of the scored UEFA Club Points. Manchester City is on top with 33 points scored. But to buy Man City is also very expensive, so it's not exactly a bargain, right?

Your goal is to find those clubs that make the best out of their market value. Last season, very smart choices would have been Djurgårdens IF (SWE) or Slovan Bratislava (SLO). They scored plenty of points and had a very low market value.

Here is the efficiency ranking from last season, which shows the Mio. € spend per UEFA Club Point scored.

What can I win?

The players ranked first, second and third will win a total amount of 200 CHF:

1. Rank: 120 CHF
2. Rank: 50 CHF
3. Rank: 30 CHF

Of course you will also achieve eternal fame if you manage to be among the most successful owners.

When is the deadline?

You have to pick your clubs till the first Champions League match starts at 19th of September 2023.

Where can I check out the other owners?

Just switch in the App to 'Owners Overview', where you will get an overview with all the players so far and the most and least popular clubs.

Do I have to pay anything?

No, it's totally free! But if you want to support us, you can do so on our Patreon here!

What data do you need from me and what happens to it?

Don't you hate when you give out your e-mail and then you get spammed all the time? We certainly do! In order to play, we do need a valid e-mail and your name. But we will use your data very carefully.

You can also share your twitter account, so we may tag or mention you if we publish the results on twitter. To keep up to date, we recommend to follow us on twitter!

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