Interactive UEFA Draw Simulator

Create a Champions League, Europa League or Conference League Group Stage draw of Season 23/24 for your team and see the predicted outcome based on Club Elo, Team Coefficient and Market Value

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About the Draw Simulator

This Draw Simulator simulates draws based on the UEFA rules. Teams from the same nation can not end up in the same group.

For the prediction, thre factors are evaluated:

  1. The Club Elo value based on the Elo system to measure relative strength levels
  2. The Team Coefficient consisting of the coefficient points collected in the last 5 season
  3. The overall Market Value of the team based on Transfermarkt

In a given group, the teams will be ranked according to their Club Elo, Team Coefficient and Market Value. The lower the overall average ranking, the better the chances of the team to top the group.

For the qualifying matches that are not finished yet it is assumed that the team with the higher Club Elo value prevails. The Draw Simulator will be adapted accordingly if the qualification is over.

Time schedule of the official group stage draws from UEFA:
Champions League: Thursday 31th August, 6 pm
Europa League: Friday 1st September, 1 pm
Conference League: Friday 1st September, 2.30 pm

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