Beat the Robot 2.0! Can you outsmart SwissFootyBot with your season prediction?

You think you know a lot about Swiss Football? Then challenge SwissFootyBot by predicting the Super League season 21/21 – and win big!

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What is the goal?

Our robot SwissFootyBot predicted the outcome of the Super League season 21/22 based on the probability calculation of our prediction model.

Your task is to beat him by making a better season prediction than the robot. The overall winner is the player who has the lowest overall difference between her/his guesses and the actual points scored of each team. Should there be two or more players with the same overall difference, then the player who predicted more team scores exactly right wins . If there is still a tie, the money will be shared between the equaly placed players.

How can I play?

It's simple. You just have to predict the amount of points each team will score this season. You can see the prediction of SwissFootyBot above. You can do better than that, right? But remember: You have to beat him to win! So guessing exactly like the robot is not going to cut it.

Deadline is when the season starts at 24th of July at 6 pm.

Joker rounds

Every time after 9 rounds, there will be a voting: SwissFootyBot will ask the players if he is allowed to change the guess for one team of his choice based on the newest predictions. If the players agree, they are allowed to change one guess, too. If they refuse, everything stays as it is.

Results second voting:

Prediction changes after second voting:

Results first voting:

Prediction changes after first voting:

What can I win?

The players ranked first, second and third will win a total amount of 200 CHF:

  • #1 Rank: 120 CHF
  • #2 Rank: 50 CHF
  • #3 Rank: 30 CHF

Do I have to pay anything?

No, it's totally free! But if you want to support this website, you can do so on our Patreon here!

What data do you need from me and what happens to it?

Don't you hate when you give out your e-mail and then you get spammed all the time? We certainly do! In order to play, we do need a valid e-mail and your name. But we will use your data very carefully. You will recieve a mail before the start of the game and after each quarter of the season. That's it!

You can also share your twitter account, so we may tag or mention you if we publish the results on twitter. To keep up to date, we recommend to follow us on twitter or just check out this site from time to time.

Charity bet - let's support Kinderdorf Pestalozzi

Inspired by a comment on SRF Sport by a user who was really pissed off about the prediction, I'll donate CH 10 for every point the prediction is off from the actual points scored to the Kinderdorf Pestalozzi.

Last year, the model was off 62 points overall, mainly due to the underperforming of FC Basel and FC Sion. So this would have meant a donation of 620 CHF.

Of course you are free to join this bet with your guess, too. If you are brave enough... I'll gladly list the ones who join here. You can go for 1 CHF, 5 CHF or CHF 10 per point your prediction is off from the actual result at the end of the season. If you are in, let me know (

10 CHF per point off

5 CHF per point off

1 CHF per point off



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