Uefa Country Ranking: standings and live updates

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Which nations are going to finish in the top 11 and top 15 in the UEFA Country Ranking 21/22? An overview, frequently updated.

The following overview shows the current standing of the UEFA Country Ranking and is updated regularerly on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening as soon as the round is finished:

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Here you can see the countries who gained the most points in the current week, also updated regularely:

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Here is the access list for season 23/24, based on the current standing of the UEFA country ranking:

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About the UEFA Country Ranking

The UEFA Country Ranking determines how many teams can compete internationally and how many qualifying rounds they have to survive.

For Swiss football, it is absolutely crucial that Switzerland finishes in the top 15 this season. Since Switzerland did not make it into top 15 in the last two years, only 4 teams are allowed to compete internationally, and they have to play many qualifying rounds. If Switzerland manages to be top 15 again, 5 teams will be allowed to compete in season 23/24 and the path to the group stages of Champions League, Europa League and Conference League is way easier. You can find the access List for season 2021/22 here.

With YB and Basel still in the mix, the battle between 12th and 23th place is wide open. 11 Nations fighting with Switzerland to finish in the top 15: Serbia, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Turkey, Czech Republic, Norway, Greece, Sweden, Denmark and Israel.

For the champion of a league to directly qualify for group stage, a country needs to reach top 11. Currently Austria, Scotland, Russia and Ukraine are the lucky ones who still have to worry a bit that the opponents may catch up.

You can find out more about the success of Swiss football teams internationally here.

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