Beat the Robot! Can you outsmart SwissFootyBot?

You think you know a lot about Swiss Football? Then challenge SwissFootyBot by predicting Super League matches – and win big!

What is the goal?

Our robot SwissFootyBot will predict each round the outcome of the five Super League matches (win home/draw/win away) based on the probability calculation of our prediction model.

Your task is to beat him by guessing more matches correctly than the robot. You will win one point for every round in which you outguess SwissFootyBot. The overall winner is the player who wins the most rounds till the end of the season. Should there be two or more players with the same amount of points, the accuracy (percentage of correct guesses) will be the deciding factor.

If you think this it’s going to be easy, think again! SwissFootyBot gladly explains why he is going to outsmart most of you here.

How can I play?

It’s simple. Ahead of every round you have to predict the outcome of the five matches. The predictions of SwissFootyBot will be made public so you can challenge the robot with your tips. But remember: You have to beat him! So guessing exactly like the robot is not going to win you any points.

Let’s look at an example:

Round 1Prediction robotYour predictionActual result
Match 1win homewin homewin home
Match 2drawwin homedraw
Match 3drawwin awaywin away
Match 4win homedrawdraw
Match 5win awaywin awaydraw
Correct guesses23

In this case, you would have beaten SwissFootyBot, since you guessed 3 matches correctly, and the robot only 2. Hence you would recieve one point for the victory of the round. If you end up with the same or less correct guesses than the robot, no points will be awarded. Till the end of the season, you can earn a maximum of 36 points (one point for every round in Super League).

If you beat the robot in a round, your name will appear in the Hall of Fame below, making sure that you will be remembered as a legend for eternity. The leaderboard shows the current standing of all players. Of course, you will have the best chance to win if you guess all 36 rounds!

Deadline is when the first match of the round starts. So for the first round, it’s 19th September, 7 pm! You can predict the next matches here >>>

What can I win?

The players ranked first, second and third can chose between the following prizes with an overall worth of over 150 CHF (higher ranked player can chose first):

Do I have to pay anything?

No, it’s totally free! But if you want to support this website, you can do so on our Patreon here!

What data do you need from me and what happens to it?

Don’t you hate when you give out your e-mail and then you get spammed all the time? We certainly do! In order to play, we do need a valid e-mail and your name. But we will use your data very carefully. You will recieve a mail before the start of the game and after each quarter of the season. That’s it!

You can also share your twitter account, so we may tag or mention you if we publish the results on twitter. To keep up to date, we recommend to follow us on twitter or just check out this site from time to time. But be aware, SwissFootyBot is counting on you forgetting to play some rounds, so don’t give the robot that satisfaction.

What happens if matches are getting postphoned?

Only the matches that are happening according to the season schedule made at the beginning of the season are counted in the battle with the robot. At least 3 matches have to happen each round for it to count in the overall ranking.


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